Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I believe in omens. I think there is something out there that is bigger than anyone can comprehend. Maybe we're all connected by our fates. Maybe our destinies will intertwine for a few brief moments down our life paths.

Recently at my son's football game I was loading up my camera gear and getting ready to head out onto the field to shoot the game. All of the sudden in VERY uncharacteristic like behavior a Redtailed Hawk swooped near me. Now, this was in a crowded football field with tons of ppl. Why it chose me, with a camera ready in hand to come near is beyond me but it did. I believe its an omen. I'm not sure what the omen is yet but when I know, I'll let you know :)

Peace.love.spongy cake.

Monday, August 31, 2009

i never blog

i never blog anymore. I feel like i dont have anything really interesting to say lately.
oh. my. god.
I have become boring. its so not fair. when did i become that "boring" girl? maybe i should stop taking the prozac. i think i need a little insanity once in awhile.
I did do something cool last night though. I had a GORGEOUS engagement shoot on skyline drive. It was just AMAZING. I havent been there since I was a kid and its going to be my new spot for site suggestions for e-sessions and families with older kids.
heres a shot from last night.

other than that, theres nothing really new to report. football has started back up and i'm booked with fall sessions. i'm just living. and breathing. i'm not breathing in to deep right now though because spanky switched the dogs food and well, the beagle is ripping some serious gas. if i light a candle to cover it up, we might just explode. i still think shes got some man in her. she is RANK!

peace love and spongy cake!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With a heavy heart....

Last Oct I wrote a post about my son's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Heppe. It was a very special post. You can read it here http://melissadawnphotography.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-know-what-hope-looks-like.html

My heart is heavy and I am sad to update that she has passed away and joined our Lord. As, kid-like as it might sound, she was one of those people that I just assumed would live forever. She will though, in our hearts and our actions of compassion towards one another. She will be missed and will always be loved. I pray for her family and her many "babies" as she called them that she taught over the years. The patience and love that she showed my Colby was above and beyond anything I have seen from a teacher. She ate with him for 3 weeks in the cafeteria, at the table sitting next to him and helped him overcome a serious issue with noise, food and smells in that room. I will always be grateful to her and I am so glad that I forced myself to drag my but up to the school on the last day to hand her my personal thank you and hug her for all she had done.

I raise my crayon to you Mrs. Heppe. A true warrior to the end. Battles are lost but the war against cancer will never be over until a cure is found. This is the second person in the last 3 months that we have lost to this ugly disease.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look at that face....

He just opened his IPOD touch for his birthday after I buried it into a bag of socks haha. Was priceless!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time a little boy named Austin's daddy pulled a U-Haul truck up the house he shared with his mommy and filled it with everything he could fit inside of it within an hour. He took their tv, he took the dresser that his clothes were in. He poured Austins clothes all over the floor because it was "his" dresser.
As if that wasnt bad enough, he drove away to live back home with his mom and dad in Louisiana because he wasnt happy being a father or a fiance. He couldnt handle being an adult.

Austin was only 3 or 4 weeks old when his daddy decided to leave. Mommy had no job and his daddy decided that he didnt want to pay for the only transportation that little Austin and his mommy drove around in so he had these bad men come and repossess it. austin and his mommy were really sad because they needed to go see a Dr. that day and austins daddy knew this. Then his daddy called child protective services after he found out the car had been picked up to let them know that he had missed a Drs appt.

Then Austin started to grow out of all his newborn clothes but his daddy wouldnt give any money to him or his mommy. Instead he bought himself and his girlfriend each a $300 cell phone. He couldnt give any money to Austin because you see, he had money troubles.

Then Austin's daddy decided that he wanted him to live with him so he went to court to ask a judge if he could have him. Now Austins mommy has to put her 8 month old baby on a plane to see his evil daddy every 3 months for a 10 day visit.

Austin doesnt want to leave his mommy and you would think that his daddy would understand because his daddy cant stand to be away from his mommy either but his evil daddy just laughed and said "GOD was good!".

Poor little Austin. Its a sad world for him. Maybe the devil is working here and not GOD. I wonder if thats ever been taking into consideration for little Austin. Maybe little Austins daddy is really an evil demon from the depths of hell. I mean, isnt it always the demons in disguise that claim to love GOD's will the most? What if it isnt GOD's will at all? What if its Lucifer's that won and has this baby flying across country for 10 days at a time every 3 months.

That doesnt sound like it would be something GOD would want for a child now does it?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Save a whale, harpoon a fat chick!" excerpt

after careful consideration. I'm gonna post it. enjoy my mental anguish. oh, remember that is a rough draft. there are tons of grammatical and punctuation errors. Just roll with it. rock with it. lean with it.

Do you know when Lisa will be out? he asked. I couldnt tell him that I was Lisa. I couldnt let him know that the voice on the other end of the 2 hour phone calls every night was me. I looked to the left. No where to run. The school sidewalks were packed with kids scurrying to their busses happy to go finally go home. I looked down at my feet. I really needed a new pair of tennies. My pink laces were turning an unpleasant shade of brown. I was only allowed one pair of shoes at the begining of school. I might have gotten lucky and recieved a pair of 2 sizes to big middle aged women's dress shoes but that was a rare occurance. Sharing didnt go far in the household I lived in these days.

"Um, I dont see her right now. I think she said she had to stay after. Something about telling Mr. Robb that he needed to stop leaning over her desk because his dandruff was falling onto her paper."

He laughed. "That is so cool! I have always wanted to say that to that dude. Well, whatever. " he reached into his pocket and pulled out a letter.
"Can you make sure she gets this?"
I smiled. "totally." i said.
He walked off and shrugged a later at me. I loved the way his hair swung when he walked. I loved the way he threw his bookbag onto his shoulder. I even loved the huge zit on his face. But, He didnt love me. He loved Lisa. I was Lisa but not the Lisa he knew. She was cool and daring. She didnt care what anyone thought of her. And, she was hot. I, was not. I was introverted. I wore big thick brown and blue rimmed glasses free from the Lions club. I was also fat. I think that if I was all of those things BUT fat, I would have had a shot. Fat really is the justification for any and all reasons not to like someone.
"Oh, shes nice but shes fat. Well, he has nice eyes but he's fat." See, if you add fat as the reason you dont like someone no one questions it. Its acceptable.

I dragged myself to my bus. I hated riding the bus. There was always someone who would try to make you feel repulsive and undesirable. I tried to sit as close the front as I could. I usually had a better chance at being left alone. On this particular day, the front seats were of course taken and I had waited so long for Sean that I had to double up on a seat with someone. Thankfully it was Cathy. She was my only friend on the bus. She was quiet like me and always smiled when I sat down near her.

Hey Lisa she said with a bright smile. I saved you a seat.
Thanks i said relieved as I smiled back.
"Where you waiting on Sean again?"
"Yeah. He gave me a letter this time. " I fanned myself with it as if it wasnt a big deal. Um, it was a huge deal.
"did you tell him yet?"
"NO WAY!" I could feel my heart starting to speed up and my face getting hot. "You cant say anything either! You promised!"
"Im not! Sheesh. I was just asking. I just think You should tell him. I dont think he would care."
"Oh he'll care. They always care." I rolled my eyes.
Just then, Lonnie turned around in the seat in front of us and snatched the letter out of my hand. He was the meaniest kid on the bus. I hated him with every bone in my body but he sure was hot. I hated his insides but I loved to look at the outsides. I was such a hypocrit. I got mad at people for loving my insides but hating my outsides and here I was doing the opposite with a total jerk who had my, I mean, Lisa's letter.
"give that back Lonnie! Its not yours!"
"Well well, what have we got here. it looks like a love letter of some kind and it appears to be addressed to Lisa. hey isnt your name lisa? You mean you found someone who likes tubbies like you? Oh this I have got to read. "
"hey everyone! Lisa got a love letter!" hahaha he laughed. The entire bus started errupting in laughter too. I wanted to crawl under the seat and die. I knew what was coming. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. He was going to read it to the whole bus.
I saw my sister sitting a few seats behind me with her popular friends. She gave me a look as if to kill. She hated me when we were on the bus. She refused to sit with me and acted as if she didnt know me most of the time. I couldnt blame her really. I would pretend not to know me too.
"Hey Baby," he read. He looked at me and grinned. "whats up? Not much here. I was just wanting to know if you would go with me to the 7th grade dance next week. I know its late notice but I really want to go with you. I want to see your tight bod in a mini skirt. Maybe we can do that thing that you said you would do in your last letter.
thats all for now,
I-wanted-to-die. I seriously just wanted to die. "Please god, I begged, if you kill me now I will never ever ever ask for anything ever again and I will even let
my sister have my stereo and all of my tapes. I promise that I will do good angel things and be the best angel ever. Please, just let me die."
the bus was so quiet that it was erie. Then, there was an erruption of laughter so hard that the windows vibrated. I looked back and even my sister was
laughing. she had tears in her eyes and I knew it wasnt from feeling bad from me. It was from laughing so hard.
"Okay who is Sean and why to God does he think YOU have a tight bod" Lonnie tried to catch is breath from laughing so hard.

Friday, May 29, 2009

the issue of the day

so i have a problem. my book. the problem is that if i write really honest things people may be hurt. i dont want to leave them outbecause its part of why i am the way i am and who i have become. i dont know what to do. how important is it for me to get it all out? whydoes it have to be so hard!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


such a deep subject for such a shallow mind. lmaoo Ever heard that joke before? yeah, probably not lol

Sooooooo. We went camping over the weekend. I shot a wedding friday that I got home from at 11p and got to bed finally around 1am. We were up at 4am. boooooooo for early starts!

the actual camping was alot of fun since this time we got the camp in Grandads front yard haha. Full access to the potty! My kinda ruffing it thats for sure! We had to take the girls (dogs) this time but they had alot of fun being out and about. The only thing that freaked them out was the horses. Theres like 15 there that run around sniffing and snotting on you. Blech. I love horses but from a distance. They're way to big for me to be close up with. Well, I can handle 1 or 2 at a time but more than that and i'm freaking out as seen by many people last weekend. they all got a hoot and a hollar out of seeing me run. Yep, the fat girl ran. it wasn't pretty. I'm lucky to still be alive. I'll suffer with the black eyes from the bounce of the chest bowling balls but tis all good.

On our last night, i may have taken ambien. I may not have gone to be right away. I may have pushed spanky and his brother out of their chairs in an attempt at "cow tipping". I may have hit my head off a tree branch and decided to become a monkey and swing myself from limb to limb back to my seat. I may have been sharing embarrassing GYN stories with my soon to be sister in law. I might even have showed everyone my way cool sound making ability.

I may have. I'm not really saying one way or another. With ambien your really not in control of yourself and your really not actually in your right mind so I can claim plausable denial. I'm sticking with it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

do you like seafood??

You do? Well then, SEE-FOOD LMAO

I took this yesterday during our field trip to visit a working dairy farm. Of course, being in a farm town theres not much for the kids to do locally besides see each others farms. Actually this farm is a bit unique because there are only a handful of working dairy farms in our state of VA. We have to have a lot of our milk shipped in from PA and MD.

I think its kinda odd because I have to say, I went to school with quite a few Heifers in my day. Myself included haha.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Check check check check-check it out!


Welcome to BLOSSOM!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things are a changin'.

Just a hint of things to come :)

I'm so excited about this!!

things taught to me by my 6 year old.

Yes. He is wise beyond his years. Sometimes, he schools me in the most peculiar of subjects.

From him, I have learned that my 11 year old's weenie now has a mustache.

I have learned that the jar of diaper cream should go in the fridge because its "whip cream for you's nuts".

And most importantly I have learned that when you tell him to make sure the doors are not locked in the van before he closes the door-this is kid speak for "hey, lets lock both sets of keys in the van so we dont have to go to school."

I'm on to him. I am. I'm hip to his wiley ways.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kickin' it old school.

lets take it back shall we? To a time when cotton panties, crocs and Feria hair dye were all non existent. Ew gross a bug just flew into my screen. That is gonna stain. Anyhow, I'm talking about a time when things were simple. Food was scarce and Native Americans were picking you off one by one for invading a land that didnt belong to you because you were arrogant and believed that just because the English hadnt set up shop there, well then, it must not be civIlized. I'm talking the jamestown settlement. Lots of history, good and bad. I know I am here today because of them but it was just so sad to see the things that brought about our presence in America.

I did take some pics though :) Enjoy a look into the Jamestown settlement here in Va :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frea-kay Friday

I know he loves me. How do I know he loves me? Because he lets me do things to him that other men would consider, hmmmm, demeaning? But not my Spanky. No, he proves his love for me in all sorts of ways.

Yesterday, he decided that he wanted a haircut. He asked me to do it but I grumbled and he took it upon himself to go outside and try to shave it on his own. This only resulted in patches of bald spots combined with areas overgrown bushes scattered around his head. I fixed him up and before I sent him on his way I threw out that age old question that every man dreads to hear. "Do you love me?"
"Yessssssss" he sighed.
Prove I said to him. Let me put my initial in your chest hair.
Okay he shrugged.
I began my new found artistic outlet and low and behold I transformed my seemingly normal Spanky into an instant super hero. You see he is a mechanic and well, the "M" for Missy just wasn't what it was supposed to stand for.

Prepare yourselves lady and gents for I present to you, SUPER MECHANIC!

Able to change oil in a single flick of the wrist. Able to rebuild your transmission in meer seconds and do all those other things mechanics do (like jacking up your bill while they just sit on their rumps and play games on their cell phones) in just a few short blinks of the eye.

I took this picture yesterdy and said "Show me your grrrrr face."
This my friends is Super Mechanic's grrrrrr face.

P.S. I'd like to thank my extremely good natured husband who I love with all the beats of my heart for letting me do this to him and take the picture for proof. I dont think I'd replace him with the most hottest version of Justin Timberlake. Well, at least not for a few more years. *wink,wink*

Peace.Love.Strawberry shortcake.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of these few things I am sure...

1. That you should always test the paint out on your walls before you buy 3 gallons of it.

2. Freezing fresh strawberries does NOT mean they will be the same when you thaw them.

3. Diet Dr. Pepper should be added to the daily nutrition list.

4. Never pull a toy gun out of your purse and lay it down on the counter while standing at the teller window inside the bank looking for your checkbook and drivers license. You will probably be okay if it has the orange on the tip but if not your screwed.

Of these 4 things, I am absolutely sure.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thats not my name.

I have a new earworm. I LOVE the quirkiness of this song. Its so fun! Listen and enjoy. Listen with an open mind. its catchy :)

I think I've been called "Hell" and "her" before but I think that was probably used in context like "Oh what the hell?. Her again?"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its a beautiful world...

It really is. I mean, I try to look at everything with an open mind. I see the leaves on a tree as hair for them. Some, like the weeping willows, have long luxurious tresses. When the wind blows the cascades of leafy hair dance to and fro reminding the pine trees that their pixie do's will never sway back and forth. Of course, then the pine tree gets to blow razzberries at the willow because they get brought inside during Christmas and are adorned with decorations and celebrated. Then the willow reminds the pine tree that after the new year they get tossed out with the garbage and sometimes burned with the brush piles. And so, the sibling rivalry lives on.

I have no idea what I'm talking about today. Its been tough with Granny's passing. I feel creatively tapped. I'm an emotionless zombie lately. I think i held in the hurt of losing her for so long when I was taking care of her that when she passed, I was just drained. I cried but not like I should have. Would she have wanted that though? Nah. I need to get it back though. What good is a photographer with no creative vision? I have 2 full day weddings next month. I'm shaking with fear because I know they want that something "special" added to their photography. I just hope that I'm out of this funk to make sure I deliver on it.

Anyhow, yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Yippee! I got no burn barrel like last year. This year, he spent the entire day with me, cleaned the house from top to bottom, let me take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then cooked me a full course dinner. This huge dinner was after he took me to an awesome seafood lunch including stuffed shrimp and crab legs. It really was a great day. For his gift, I let him tattoo a small butterfly on my wrist. Its a very light purple. I'll take a pic and show it to yall soon. I want it to heal up first :)

Now the best part of the day was desert. I picked out this awesome strawberry shortcake with cream cheese filling and cool whip icing. It was TO DIE FOR. It seriously doesnt get anymore sinful than this people. I could hear the pounds growing on my thighs but I did not care one bit. You only live once right? Yep. You only live once.

peace.love.strawberry shortcake. (still none for you though loser)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm just not that into you...

Thats right Mr. Justin Timberlake. I'm just not that into you. You know I just cant get up and leave my family. They need me. Whats that? You want me to fly away to Italy with you? Now you know that its my day to do laundry. It just wouldnt be fair to leave my Spanky doing ALL the work. I know that he mostly just passes out in his broke down recliner that is missing most of the leather on the bottom because my dog likes to lick it. She thinks its candy. I most certainly cant leave him alone with the children because even though they are old enough to care for themselves, they might like, try to calk to him while he's fixated on his new Playstation game. He needs his alone time too. its jjust not fair to do that to him.

No. I like it here. I just cant be your one and only. I'm flattered. Really, I am.

I'm just not that into you.

P.S.-Call me later!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's always been "different".

He has. He has always been different from other children. He came into the world like a whirlwind. He had lungs that made the other babies around him cry. When he was around 7 or 8 months old, he would get hurt and cry until he physically passed out. I've had to preform CPR on him twice. He is a puker. He would get upset and would vomit. He has food aversions. He cant handle crowds and certain smells. He is my baby.

He was also diagnosed today with Autism. Wow. Its so hard and liberating to say that. We have an answer for his quirky behavior. it makes sense though. I mean, I've seen things and had a feeling all along. A mother knows, ya know? You can feel it when your child is sick with them sleeping in another room. You just know.

Anyhow, it feels good to have answers. It feels good to know that there is a plan to move forward with helping him. It is such a relief. We'll make it through this just like we've made it through everything else. One step at a time.

Just Breathe.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yay for me and a wedding pic..

I am so happy with my self. I couldnt be more tickled pink than if you dressed me in a pink dress and hosed me down in pepto bismol. I have managed to maintain my desk for a week. Yep folks. I have kept it tidy. I have put back things into their rightful places AFTER I have used them. I have dusted. I have replaced the table lamp with an actual desk lap andddddddddddddddd I am getting ready to hang up a huge dry erase board and corkboard tiles to further help my stay in the "organized" population. I need a pat on the back or a tickle on the but or something. I'll take pics tomorrow of my success.

Anyhow, I photographed a wedding yesterday for a few hours for the sweetest couple I have met in a long time. They met on.......wait for it...wait for it.....MATCH.COM!! How freaking cool is that? Its a total success story. I was very happy for them. Now. their wedding took place in my home county. I have lived here my entire life and yet, somehow even with a GPS system, I got freaking lost!! I was 15 minutes late which is totally embarrasing in the first place. I then had to go up 3 countem 3 flights of stairs to get to the bride for a few before shots. All i have to say is thank GOD i have been walking a mile almost every day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I forgot to post this yesterday.

Look at my little leprechaun! Is he not the cutest, squeeziest cheeky thing you have ever seen? He got off the bus wearing this and ran over to me giggling. I just love the lai beard. I might have to grow one myself.

Monday, March 16, 2009

~Organized Choas At Its Finest~

Yep. That, my friends, is what I now have. Ugh, something just got stuck under my "w" key. Dontcha just hate that? You push and push and nothing shows up on the screen. You have a moment of panic because you remember that you were on a "not so nice site" a few days ago and probably picked up a virus. You start sweating because there is NO freaking way that you can take your laptop to be checked out because you were checking out some questionable material that makes you gag now just thinking about it. But, you had to see it because EVERYONE and literally their grandmothers have been talking about this repulsive piece of video. But then you realize that its just a seed from your sesame seed sub roll from lunch and your world is returned to its ol' warm and fuzzy self. No? Just me? Yeah right, dont lie. Okay well forget I EVER said anything. it was just a scenario. Just something to make your gears grind in your thinker.

Oh, back to my reason for posting. I have finally organized my desk. I bought lots of storage stuff and holders and sharpeners and bras and file folders to get myself into the swing of things. I am so excited about my new found tidiness. EVERYTHING has a place. Its a tight squeeze but I have a pretty good amount of room to do all my stuff. I utilize my wall for posting reminders and i think I should look for some corkboard before my wall ends up looking like an Mexican drug lord house in the barrios. Sorry for that reference. I have been watching all 4 seasons of "WEEDS" from showtime. Best freaking show ever. I know what I'm gonna be doing if this picture gig doesnt pan out. Kidding. I'm so kidding. I dont have the overhead to start up that kind of business and I sure dont have the client base. Hmmm, or do i? Ya never know.

Anyhow. heres the before and after pics of my desk. Soak it up and take it all in. I am so proud of myself and I KNOW Sue'p will be too :)

And after:

This literally only took me like, 24 hours. Rock on me!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

dear lord.

I'm organizing my desk. I've bought tons of organization stuff from the store in an attempt to save myself from myself. I started 7 hours ago and I am only halfway done. If you dont hear from me by Monday evening, send in the troops.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Missy's Quote of the Week:

"Gimme some jelly 'cause I'm on a roll!!"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 years down and twelve more to go.

Yep. Thats how many years I have until my youngest child is 18 and off to college. I can hear freedom calling me. Its saying, "dont worry. 12 more years and you can join me for traveling with no worries about babysitters, nights out with curfews, no report cards, no PTA meetings (GAG), no school shoppping and NO struggling to make science projects! I've gotten an A for the last 3 years on my projects. I rule.

Yeah, I'll miss it when its all said and done. A little. A teeny tiny bit. Okay, I"ll cry like a baby but I am sure that I can nurse myself back to a great mood with malibu sunsets served in first class while flying over to Santarini.

In the meanwhile, I'll be doing the same thing only, it will be dreaming in my chair and probably drinking a parrot bay and I'll most likely have the kids standing over me and spraying me lightly with a water bottle while I pretend its ocean spray hitting my face. I'm going to make a headband with my huge conch shells that i have so that i can have ocean surround sound. I'll make tuna fish so that I can have the fishy ocean smell floating all around me. Yep, I've got it all worked out.

Oh, before I forget, Colby turned 6 sunday. it wanst my proudest mommy moment because i was down with the flu and i couldnt even go birthday shopping. My awesome mother in law came to my rescue and really filled in where I couldnt and Spanky did a great job with picking out the presents. The only thing we forgot was the candles so my mother in law decided that her emergency candles would have to do. Worked for me. Colby had the biggest candles on the block with his cake. He always has to do things differently. Our world wouldnt be the same if he did though. We love the quirkiness of our daily lives. Its never boring and theres always something new to learn about each other.

I love ya Jeannie. I dont know where I'd be without you. thanks so much for all the help with "Cobly" last weekend :) I'll make it up to you on mothers day. Just dont ask for anything expensive and I am NOT touching your feet. I know. I'll return all your bowls and silverware and pots and pans I have. Wait, then I wont have anything to cook with. hmmmm.decisions decisions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hows this for precious?

Cant you just smell the newness on these little sweethearts? They make my uterus hurt. Then I remember that they cry every 2 hours to be fed, need their hineys wiped all the time, need to be burped and require round the clock care. Wait a second, I do all that crap now with my grown kids. Hmmm. I think something is amiss here.

Anyhow, these are twins of very good friends of ours. I couldn't be more thrilled for mom and dad. Holding two little miracles in my hands was amazing.

Speaking of miracles, Colby is going to be singing with the entire kindergarten tonight at school in the CAFETERIA! I am so excited! this is such a big step for him with all of his sensory issues. I'll post pics tomorrow. I cant wait to see him tonight!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Another post just for you.

Deadbeat dads Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you seriously think you'll make a better parent? Do you seriously think that you can strap the baby on your hip and drag that poor kid all around Mardi Gras while your throwing beads up in the windows trying to get girls to flash you their boobs? Oh yeah, your a role model alright.

"No job. No transportation. I want full custody." he says. This is the response when asked why he'd make a better parent. Um, wheres the L.O.V.E? I'll tell you where. its down your pants because you dont care about anyone but yourself and your internet porn. You have a sickness. Its called selfishness. You ran back home to your Mommee and now you want your Mom-ee to raise your "maybe" son. I know your not gonna do it because you have the mental capacity of a 12 year old in the middle of an adult book store. Do you really want your "maybe" son to be just like daddy? I'd want better things for him then to be raise by the parents that you call "old" and how much that you worry because you know they dont have much time left.

Why doesnt she have transportation? Because when you left and took everything in one afternoon you called to have her car repossessed and had her only means of communication, a cell phone, shut off too. Then you went out and bought a $400 phone for you and your girlfriend and gave her my sisters old account. Um, yeah, your such a better person than her.

Its nice to know that you still wanted to see a baby that you dont even think is yours though. Yeah, I'll give you credit for trying to play father of the year. What the hell is wrong that you all of the sudden hate Ginger? Dude, you begged her to let her in your "family" picture! She said no but oh no, you were worried she would be sad if you didnt include her. Your so fake. Your so sad.

Like I said, dont worry though because me and spanky have been sending money to make sure that YOUR maybe baby has pampers on his behind and clothes the fit him because you refuse to send her a dime. I'm proud to call me and my husband the babies Psuedo-daddy. I know the only reason you want him is so you dont have to pay for him. its not cause you love him and htats evident on the questionaire you filled out and the paternity test you requested. What? No drug test request now? Feeling guilty maybe? Oh no, thats called feeling HIGH!

Like I said, good bye to you. I'm so done. I wouldn't spit on you if you were in the desert dying of thirst and your hair was on fire. You have hurt my family one to many times. I've tried and tried to see both sides but your side, your side is selfish, vindictive and plain evil.

Its okay though Shrek. My sister is not your Fiona. Shes much to beautiful for that but I'm so happy that you found someone who can be your Fiona.

peave.love.spongy cake. (but no slice for you, loser)

She's so graceul.

My girl has such poise. She should have been born a ballerina instead of a Pomeranian dontcha think?

Sometimes she still gets the stink eye from the ugly stepsister.

Okay I know you are all out there going "how can you be so mean to that wittle face?" Well I will tell you. That little face ate 3 fish hooks, my laptop cord AND didnt even say thank you for the electrocution she got from it. Sometimes when you see her walking she will all of the sudden kick a leg out and twitch it a bit. I think there may be damage.

Anyhow, the reason I love Bella more is because shes just so beautiful. I mean look at that profile. Look how perfect she is. She's so majestic with her ski slope nose.

Its not just her nose. Its her sense of style. Look how well she handles the 80's hair band hair. I seriuosly see a jon bon jovi thing going on here.

And look. this shows how she wears the Farrah wings beautifully. Go on girl witcha bad self! Work those wings. Fly away little doggie!

And her lashes. Just look at those beautiful long lashes. Sigh, they make my uterus all achy.

And the feathery tail. I swear, when the wind blows it just right I feel like I'm watching clouds float right on by me. And then she usually farts but I never said she had manners.

So thats why I love her more. Oh, I'd like to apologize to Donna who's ankle was nearly shredded when she walked to close to me and didnt announce her presence to my 8lbs body guard. She was just having a bad day. She had a few (whispers) dingle berries building up in the back. I had to cut them off. its not my favorite after school activity thats for sure.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


thats "do it yourselfer" for those not familiar with the title :)

this is yarn I made and a hat i made with the yarn that i made. geez there sure were alot of "made's" in that sentence. Can ya keep up? I dont think I can.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I have an answer!

I have severe sleep apnea. For those of you that dont know, I stop breathing in my sleep. Not just once or twice.I do this enough to make my oxygen levels drop to the low 80's. Around 95% is the lowest they'd like to see.

Finally I have an answer to all my medical problems from weight gain to headaches to high blood pressure and the recent high cholesterol. I FINALLY HAVE AN ANSWER! It feels so good to know that I'm not lazy. I really honestly just didnt have the physical energy to do anything. All I wanted to do was sleep but my sleep was horrible. The insomnia is from my body trying not to go to sleep because it didnt want to have to struggle for air.

My tech described it as being in water and diving. You hold your breath until you need to come up for air. Now the problem is that my body was doing this for 6-7 hours straight. I'm suffocating myself slowly to death. Scary.

I have to go back tomorrow and get fitted for a CPAP. Its a machine that will help keep my airway open while I sleep. I cant wait to feel good!!

However, I do believe I scared my poor tech away. He had to try and strap me with an elastic band across the bust area and I didnt have on a bra. He started to stretch it across me and I said, you better let me do this. These girls arent tied down and they're liable to knock you out if you get to close and they dont know you. He turned so red and laughed but I was serious. If my girls aren't locked up in their cages there's no telling what damage they might do to unwanted attention.