Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hows this for precious?

Cant you just smell the newness on these little sweethearts? They make my uterus hurt. Then I remember that they cry every 2 hours to be fed, need their hineys wiped all the time, need to be burped and require round the clock care. Wait a second, I do all that crap now with my grown kids. Hmmm. I think something is amiss here.

Anyhow, these are twins of very good friends of ours. I couldn't be more thrilled for mom and dad. Holding two little miracles in my hands was amazing.

Speaking of miracles, Colby is going to be singing with the entire kindergarten tonight at school in the CAFETERIA! I am so excited! this is such a big step for him with all of his sensory issues. I'll post pics tomorrow. I cant wait to see him tonight!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Another post just for you.

Deadbeat dads Pictures, Images and Photos

Do you seriously think you'll make a better parent? Do you seriously think that you can strap the baby on your hip and drag that poor kid all around Mardi Gras while your throwing beads up in the windows trying to get girls to flash you their boobs? Oh yeah, your a role model alright.

"No job. No transportation. I want full custody." he says. This is the response when asked why he'd make a better parent. Um, wheres the L.O.V.E? I'll tell you where. its down your pants because you dont care about anyone but yourself and your internet porn. You have a sickness. Its called selfishness. You ran back home to your Mommee and now you want your Mom-ee to raise your "maybe" son. I know your not gonna do it because you have the mental capacity of a 12 year old in the middle of an adult book store. Do you really want your "maybe" son to be just like daddy? I'd want better things for him then to be raise by the parents that you call "old" and how much that you worry because you know they dont have much time left.

Why doesnt she have transportation? Because when you left and took everything in one afternoon you called to have her car repossessed and had her only means of communication, a cell phone, shut off too. Then you went out and bought a $400 phone for you and your girlfriend and gave her my sisters old account. Um, yeah, your such a better person than her.

Its nice to know that you still wanted to see a baby that you dont even think is yours though. Yeah, I'll give you credit for trying to play father of the year. What the hell is wrong that you all of the sudden hate Ginger? Dude, you begged her to let her in your "family" picture! She said no but oh no, you were worried she would be sad if you didnt include her. Your so fake. Your so sad.

Like I said, dont worry though because me and spanky have been sending money to make sure that YOUR maybe baby has pampers on his behind and clothes the fit him because you refuse to send her a dime. I'm proud to call me and my husband the babies Psuedo-daddy. I know the only reason you want him is so you dont have to pay for him. its not cause you love him and htats evident on the questionaire you filled out and the paternity test you requested. What? No drug test request now? Feeling guilty maybe? Oh no, thats called feeling HIGH!

Like I said, good bye to you. I'm so done. I wouldn't spit on you if you were in the desert dying of thirst and your hair was on fire. You have hurt my family one to many times. I've tried and tried to see both sides but your side, your side is selfish, vindictive and plain evil.

Its okay though Shrek. My sister is not your Fiona. Shes much to beautiful for that but I'm so happy that you found someone who can be your Fiona.

peave.love.spongy cake. (but no slice for you, loser)

She's so graceul.

My girl has such poise. She should have been born a ballerina instead of a Pomeranian dontcha think?

Sometimes she still gets the stink eye from the ugly stepsister.

Okay I know you are all out there going "how can you be so mean to that wittle face?" Well I will tell you. That little face ate 3 fish hooks, my laptop cord AND didnt even say thank you for the electrocution she got from it. Sometimes when you see her walking she will all of the sudden kick a leg out and twitch it a bit. I think there may be damage.

Anyhow, the reason I love Bella more is because shes just so beautiful. I mean look at that profile. Look how perfect she is. She's so majestic with her ski slope nose.

Its not just her nose. Its her sense of style. Look how well she handles the 80's hair band hair. I seriuosly see a jon bon jovi thing going on here.

And look. this shows how she wears the Farrah wings beautifully. Go on girl witcha bad self! Work those wings. Fly away little doggie!

And her lashes. Just look at those beautiful long lashes. Sigh, they make my uterus all achy.

And the feathery tail. I swear, when the wind blows it just right I feel like I'm watching clouds float right on by me. And then she usually farts but I never said she had manners.

So thats why I love her more. Oh, I'd like to apologize to Donna who's ankle was nearly shredded when she walked to close to me and didnt announce her presence to my 8lbs body guard. She was just having a bad day. She had a few (whispers) dingle berries building up in the back. I had to cut them off. its not my favorite after school activity thats for sure.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


thats "do it yourselfer" for those not familiar with the title :)

this is yarn I made and a hat i made with the yarn that i made. geez there sure were alot of "made's" in that sentence. Can ya keep up? I dont think I can.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I have an answer!

I have severe sleep apnea. For those of you that dont know, I stop breathing in my sleep. Not just once or twice.I do this enough to make my oxygen levels drop to the low 80's. Around 95% is the lowest they'd like to see.

Finally I have an answer to all my medical problems from weight gain to headaches to high blood pressure and the recent high cholesterol. I FINALLY HAVE AN ANSWER! It feels so good to know that I'm not lazy. I really honestly just didnt have the physical energy to do anything. All I wanted to do was sleep but my sleep was horrible. The insomnia is from my body trying not to go to sleep because it didnt want to have to struggle for air.

My tech described it as being in water and diving. You hold your breath until you need to come up for air. Now the problem is that my body was doing this for 6-7 hours straight. I'm suffocating myself slowly to death. Scary.

I have to go back tomorrow and get fitted for a CPAP. Its a machine that will help keep my airway open while I sleep. I cant wait to feel good!!

However, I do believe I scared my poor tech away. He had to try and strap me with an elastic band across the bust area and I didnt have on a bra. He started to stretch it across me and I said, you better let me do this. These girls arent tied down and they're liable to knock you out if you get to close and they dont know you. He turned so red and laughed but I was serious. If my girls aren't locked up in their cages there's no telling what damage they might do to unwanted attention.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

on my way.

Okay. Heres the 411 on the sitch at hand. I am off to sleep. No seriously, I am.

The doc said "excersise" at our appt today. I have high tryglycerides or whatever. Its 201 which is bad. I have to like, give up, fried chicken, french fries, fried everything. I hate hate hate it.

I have to put my trusticles in my Doc and myself though. For those of you that dont know, trusticles is the balls to put your trust into something.

Trusticles-cool new word of the day :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I got a call this afternoon from a bippity boppity nurse at my Dr's office.
"Mrs. Mullins, we have recieved your blood tests back and the Doctor would like to speak with you about your Cholesterol levels and a few other findings on the tests."
"Um, thanks? Can I get a shot of Jack to ease my mind for this wonderful little bit of information that you have delivered to me?"
"Excuse me Mrs. Mullins?"
"Nevermind" I growled and hung up the phone.

And then to top it all off, I have to go have a sleep study tomorrow night to make sure I'm not fighting for me life on the odd chance that I might actually fall asleep during the night. Have you seen what these people look like getting ready for a sleep study. I'll be sure to take a picture. it wont be pretty. what If i pick my nose in my sleep or fart all night long?

What do you think she found in my blood? I'm hoping for sparklers and glitter because I'm just that fabulous.