Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I got a call this afternoon from a bippity boppity nurse at my Dr's office.
"Mrs. Mullins, we have recieved your blood tests back and the Doctor would like to speak with you about your Cholesterol levels and a few other findings on the tests."
"Um, thanks? Can I get a shot of Jack to ease my mind for this wonderful little bit of information that you have delivered to me?"
"Excuse me Mrs. Mullins?"
"Nevermind" I growled and hung up the phone.

And then to top it all off, I have to go have a sleep study tomorrow night to make sure I'm not fighting for me life on the odd chance that I might actually fall asleep during the night. Have you seen what these people look like getting ready for a sleep study. I'll be sure to take a picture. it wont be pretty. what If i pick my nose in my sleep or fart all night long?

What do you think she found in my blood? I'm hoping for sparklers and glitter because I'm just that fabulous.

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Anonymous said...

You are probably going to be told about your cholesteral and maybe even sugar. You have three beautiful children who need you and you should stay healthy for their sake, they need you!! so do what they tell you even though you dont want to. Dont be scared, most people think the worse, but everything can be treated if taken care of in the beginning.
keep us posted. good luck