Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So I was dragged against my will to a "wrastlin" event yesterday. I decided to try to make the best of it and said "what would Jesus do?". Of course I quickly put that thought out of my mind and said to myself that it was time I went hunting. Mullet hunting that is. This haircut has so many wonderful names. The Camaro cut, Kentucky waterfall, the mud flap, the neck warmer and my personal favorite the beaver tail.

This is the most fascinating haircut known to man. I love the whole concept of business in the front and party in the back. It makes my toes tingle. It brings out my inner "wooooohooooo'ing" and makes me want to run out and dig out my acid washed jeans. I am so thankful I kept my AC/DC shirt when were purging.

The variety of mullets was astounding. I saw a few that were spiked on top with a long shaggy back. I saw the feathered version which is almost like a Farrah Faucet version of guys hair. My personal favorite was a dread locked version. It was so rastafarian. It brought out my inner Bob Marley. I think I could actually hear "three little birds" when I was staring at the wearer of this work of art.

Now what I find interesting is that the word "mulet" in french means "mule". Funny right? Yeah I thought so too considering I was surrounded by a bunch of jackasses last night.

Have a spongy cake on me and excuse the poor picture quality. I was refused into the venue because apparently my camera is considered "professional". I was reduced to using my camera phone. *sigh*

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