Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 21-Blast from the past

My dearest hubby decided we should purge and clean the clutter from our lives. FUN! Just want I waited all weekend for so that i could do it on a Monday. Insert sarcastic eye roll here. We rummaged through old clothes, stuffed animals, goofy outdated shoes and way to much left over baby stuff. There was however a "treasure chest". Yes. My personal footlocker that I have owned since I was 12. It was full of my childhood things and possibly Jimmy Hoffa but it was to messy to really tell. However I did find a few small treasures that I felt were worth sharing. Now, on to the good stuff-the photos of the day.

First up we have the lovely "New Kids On The Block" earring. Only one. I have no clue where the other is. I was going to put it in my ear but it seems to have corroded and I haven't had a booster in forever and lock-jaw isn't something on my "things to do before I die" list. I remember wearing it with a stud of some kind in the other ear. Not to thrilling until you saw the entire matching neon outfit I wore with it. I even had puffy painted canvas shoes that I made myself. I still love you Donnie.

Next we have my personal collection of fanny packs. A neon pink L.A. Gear pack that I won on a radio station and the guy told me I screamed like Mariah Carey. But My prized pack was the stone washed denim with the pink roses. I was the envy of all the little trailer park girls. One girl even offered to give me her glitter hair spray in tradsies. No way. Back off sister. Its my piece of heaven and you cant have it. It like, totally matched my skates with light up wheels.

Last but not least we have the creature that I believe was to be called "baby talk". It was the scariest doll I had ever owned. It would talk when it shouldn't. It would tell me to turn it over when I was holding her upside shaking her. She had a crooked eye that followed me around the room while I was dancing to my NKOTB cassette. In the middle of the night, she would say "I love you mommy". Frightening! And what is up with her hair? Is that some type of polyester hair? I would love to meet the maker of this doll. They owe my 20 years worth of therapy bills.


cathy said...

Thank you for giving me nightmares over that doll now....I bet if you threw it in the fire to burn it, it would leap out at you and attack. Fanny packs...just...Bwwwwhahahahahaha!!

Kayla said...

OMG...New Kids On The Block! Did you actually wear those?? Too funny!