Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 8-What a L'il beauty!

Thats my best Steve Irwin. Meet Miss Bella. She is my heart. I adore this pup more than any smelly furry creature I have ever owned. Who cares of she crapped under the Christmas tree and chewed a huge hole in a sofa cushion ripping out all the stuffing and strewing all about the house panning into 4 different rooms. She is so darn cute that I dont even mind that she steals every single hairband that I own and likes to chew it and then snap it back and forth between her paws and her nose.

Nope, I dont mind one bit. Do you know why? Are you sure you want to know why? Because of this wittle bitty, teensie weensie face. Who could resist this I tell ya? You'd have to be made of pure vinegar I tell ya. No one likes the taste of bitter.

Have a spongy cake on me :)

1 comment:

cathy said...

no wonder I have aged well. :D