Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time a little boy named Austin's daddy pulled a U-Haul truck up the house he shared with his mommy and filled it with everything he could fit inside of it within an hour. He took their tv, he took the dresser that his clothes were in. He poured Austins clothes all over the floor because it was "his" dresser.
As if that wasnt bad enough, he drove away to live back home with his mom and dad in Louisiana because he wasnt happy being a father or a fiance. He couldnt handle being an adult.

Austin was only 3 or 4 weeks old when his daddy decided to leave. Mommy had no job and his daddy decided that he didnt want to pay for the only transportation that little Austin and his mommy drove around in so he had these bad men come and repossess it. austin and his mommy were really sad because they needed to go see a Dr. that day and austins daddy knew this. Then his daddy called child protective services after he found out the car had been picked up to let them know that he had missed a Drs appt.

Then Austin started to grow out of all his newborn clothes but his daddy wouldnt give any money to him or his mommy. Instead he bought himself and his girlfriend each a $300 cell phone. He couldnt give any money to Austin because you see, he had money troubles.

Then Austin's daddy decided that he wanted him to live with him so he went to court to ask a judge if he could have him. Now Austins mommy has to put her 8 month old baby on a plane to see his evil daddy every 3 months for a 10 day visit.

Austin doesnt want to leave his mommy and you would think that his daddy would understand because his daddy cant stand to be away from his mommy either but his evil daddy just laughed and said "GOD was good!".

Poor little Austin. Its a sad world for him. Maybe the devil is working here and not GOD. I wonder if thats ever been taking into consideration for little Austin. Maybe little Austins daddy is really an evil demon from the depths of hell. I mean, isnt it always the demons in disguise that claim to love GOD's will the most? What if it isnt GOD's will at all? What if its Lucifer's that won and has this baby flying across country for 10 days at a time every 3 months.

That doesnt sound like it would be something GOD would want for a child now does it?