Monday, August 31, 2009

i never blog

i never blog anymore. I feel like i dont have anything really interesting to say lately.
oh. my. god.
I have become boring. its so not fair. when did i become that "boring" girl? maybe i should stop taking the prozac. i think i need a little insanity once in awhile.
I did do something cool last night though. I had a GORGEOUS engagement shoot on skyline drive. It was just AMAZING. I havent been there since I was a kid and its going to be my new spot for site suggestions for e-sessions and families with older kids.
heres a shot from last night.

other than that, theres nothing really new to report. football has started back up and i'm booked with fall sessions. i'm just living. and breathing. i'm not breathing in to deep right now though because spanky switched the dogs food and well, the beagle is ripping some serious gas. if i light a candle to cover it up, we might just explode. i still think shes got some man in her. she is RANK!

peace love and spongy cake!