Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 149-"Hair" Today, Ghosts Tonight?


Well I havent brushed my dog in like 2 weeks. Now, to someone with a regular coated dog would thing, geez, I havent brushed my dog like, ever.

That would be fine and dandy but Spanky bought me a pomeranian for my birthday and well, the girls packing major folicles. And OMG my parrot just screamed at something in the dark. I totally think we have ghosts. I think I just peed my pants. Yep, I totally tinkled myself a little. Whew, my adrenaline is pumping and I'm scared to turn around. I think I'm being haunted by the ghost of Jim Carey. Oh wait, he's not dead yet. Well can I "hope" I'm being haunted by the ghost of the young hot Elvis? Okay seriously, you cant deny the dude had moves in the younger years.

Oh yes, moving back to subject of the blog. My girls Bells is getting shaved down. And OMG I just heard knocking over in the kitchen. Like someone was knocking on my cabinet or something. Okay seriously, I'm not interested in the Elvis ghost anymore lol. You can go now. No seriously, your nothing but a hound dog. OMG-cold breeze over my shoulder. Oh wait, thats just me breathing.

Anyhow, I'm just gonna show you how much hair I brushed off of her. Now, this is JUST from a brushing. Well like a 30 minute brushing but a brushing none the less. I had her hair up my nose. I had it entwined with my own hair when I went to pull it up. I think I might be able to make a wig out of what I brushed off of her.

Hmmm, a new business venture? Pomeranian Puffs? I can put them in little buns and people can wear them princess Leia style or little old ladies can wear them to church .


I am very excited to announce that Melissa Dawn Photography is now green! All session agreements, wedding contracts and payment info is now all electronic!

I have been working on this for a while and its great to finally see it live.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When it comes to fish that is. Okay, well lets face it. Bigger is better when it comes to alot of things like lenses, and butts oh and boobs. Wait no, thats only what my husband Spanky says.

Heres his catch of the day from yesterday. Its a 23" long catfish. He'll be eatin' good in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 140-Happy Birthday Number 1!!

Meet my number 1. My number 1 turned 11 today. Wow! Seriously, when in the world did that happen?

Number 1 has always been a guiding light for me. He is strong, considerate, patient and loving. He's a straight A guy who LOVES his sports. He will always be my baby no matter how old he gets.

He puts up with my childish behavior. He laughs at my dorky jokes and always tells me I rock.

He's just such a great kid. I am so blessed that God saw fit to give me such an blessing for my first child.

However there are a few things that I feel I should apologize for. Please dont judge me until you walk a mile in my saggy bra. Here goes.

I'm sorry I made all my mistakes with you number 1. I'm sorry for all the times I dropped you. Oh and I'm sorry for strapping you to the hood when we didnt have room in the car when you were first born.

Kidding!! I'm kidding people lmaoo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 135-have you seen my thingy?

this was my anniversary gift from Spanky. Its a barrel to burn things in. He said look we can sit outside and stay warm by the fire in the evenings now. it says scotty n missy 4-15-00. those boobs are supposed to be zero's but he cut the holes to small lol um, thanks? no really it was very sweet. good job hun :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hmmmm, what do you do when its rained for 3 days straight, flooded in your county and everything is canceled including school and work?

Well ya go mud boggin' of course! In the backyard no less. Of course our backyard is a forest with lots of trails cut into it by Spanky because "you need to be prepared for when it might rain real good like." Well it did just that this weekend and yesterday.

So heres a few pics of the dirty, muddy afternoon we had in the backyard with the boys :) Spankys truck is way to tall for me to step up into. When I stand next to it the floorboard is at my waist. Yesterday was the first time since he's bought it that I have ever ridden in it. He had to stack cinder blocks for me so that I could climb up into it. Yes, I admit thats redneck. Lord have mercy is that redneck. Help me Tom Cruise!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 128-Luna Moth

I came home from dropping the boys off at the bus stop this morning and was greeted by this beautiful specimen of nature.

Its called a "Luna Moth". They're not normally seen especially during daylight hours. If you have been graced by the presence of this work of art from mother nature consider yourself in the club with the lucky few. I have a connection with this Luna Moth that goes beyond photographer and subject. It ties in with a very strange and vivid dream I had last night. I feel cosmically entwined with it. Its a long story. Maybe I'll tell ya sometime.

The Luna Moth represents the beauty, brevity, and complexity of life. But, most importantly, transformation. I think, No, I KNOW something big is coming and I am in the path of it. I can feel it in every fiber of my being. Its like there are sparks in the air. My soul is being awakened and everything is becoming clearer.

I'm paying especially close attention to the signs around me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 126-Describe yourself on 2"x3"

Well this is me. This is my work. In a nutshell. Its so hard to try and define yourself on such a small canvas. Anyhow, these are the new biz cards coming next week :)

p.s. Sorry about all the watermarking. There has been a string of burglaries in the artistic community. Apparently STUPID people are STEALING images of other artists and using them for their own. Seriously people, how in the hell can you sleep at night knowing that your showcasing something thats not yours. All I have to say to you is, Karma baby. When she comes back around, she's a real bitch.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 121-My Girls

I'm SUPER-DEE-DUPER busy this weekend. I'm not gonna be around till Sunday or Monday but I didnt want to leave you without a weekend blog to pick your nose at. Make sure you click on the pics to make them larger so you can see the text. Its titilating and might make your hiney perk up and tingle.

My girls are two very hairy ladies of the canine persuasion. Sometimes they're as close as the closest human sisters. Sometimes they fight just like human sisters. I recently photographed one of their I love you/I hate you moments. Bells is the blond and Dixie is the beagle or as I like to call her, "the ugly sister". Kidding. I'm kidding lol

I heard them talking to each other. This is what they said.

And heres where the fur starts to fly......

Oh no she di'int!

That bitch is going down!

Pull her hair! Pull her hair!

Suckers. Hey that wasnt the boys undies it was mine. Thanks for chewing the butt out of my favorite pair ya skank.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 120-Some things never change.

Some things, well, they never change. Do you think men will EVER stop marking their territories?

Some things, they just never change.