Saturday, August 16, 2008

i'm writing a book...

Yep. its called "Save a whale! Harpoon a fat chick!"

Heres an excerpt. I'll try to post more of it here and there :) I might finish it. I might not. I might publish it. I might not. Either way, its good FREE therapy :)

"No way was I going out there to show her anything that ended below my underwear. I knew she was well aware of how dirty my panties were but the rest of the store didnt. I was breaking out into a full on sweat. My feet got twisted in the legs of the jeans. I started to loose my balance. It was to late. I crashed through the swinging doors of the dressing room. I landed with a huge thud at the feet of a lady with her perfect size 6T daughter. Their eyes were wide as saucers and their mouths hung open in disbelief.
"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Watch that first step. Its a doozie."


mandy carroll said...

LOL!! Okay, is this based on a true story? I think it would be a hit- you should publish it!

Amber said...

Sooooo funny! I can't wait to read more.