Monday, August 25, 2008

Mission-FAILED..this message will self destruct in 5 seconds

Well, my guy got on the bus. He got to the school. I met him at the front and walked him to his class. I NEEDED to do this because at the last second I realize that in my self loathing and miserable sulking, I had forgot to put his name tag and teacher's name that was on his necklace for kindergarten.

All these thoughts of my baby being lost and standing out in the middle of the hallway crying made me floor it the school. After I got my bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle and vanilla iced coffee. but i still floored it.

Okay so I get to his class and take in the rest of his supplies and give them to his teacher's assistant. Then, I took a few pictures and she was still standing next to me. its okay that I'm here right? i asked to her. Well actually she said, we'd rather you didnt but since your here please take your picture and go.

Now, for an instant, to my heartbroken ears, it sounded like she was trying to get between me and my baby. All you moms out there KNOW this is the worlds most dangerous place to be. I came within inches of ripping her face off but i remembered i would have a hard time talking my way out of that one when i got arrested. so i left.

I was fine. I pulled onto the highway and took a deep breath. It was gonna be ok. He was gonna be ok. I, was gonna be ok. Well that was until Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson being played on the radio. Of all the times in the world, why in the hell did this song have to be playing at this particular moment in my life. I lost it. I bawled my eyes out for an hour and when I got home I took a look around at the huge mess we made getting ready for our first day of school.
I heard Nate calling me from the bedroom. WTF?!?!. I knew he was in school.
"Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.!!!" I heard again.

It was our parrot Grady. Welcoming me home in the most awesome way that he ever have could. So even when they're not here, they're still here :) I just wish he mimicked, mom i love you instead of them fighting lmao.


Stacy said...

Are you kidding me? Even your PARROT is funny??!! HA HA HA.
Sorry you had a rough go of it the first day. I'm sure your son fared much better than you! How did HE like it? Was the second and third day easier?
LOVE that hair, by the way!!! How do you make it DO that? We've tried (and failed miserably!) with my son. It looked like a chicken's butt when I did it! LOL!
Weird though that the teacher was so cold to you. Usually kindergarten teachers are all warm and fuzzy and tell you to stay as long as you need to. Strange. Glad you posted pictures!!! I was waiting!

Amber said...

I am SHOCKED that the teacher's aide said that to you. It's kindergarten! Like parents aren't going to take pictures of their children on their first day entering that new schooldays experience. Someone needs to be a bit more understanding. Jeez!

I put my 1st born into 1st grade last week and I still had tears well up in my eyes this year. I'm just sappy like that. I would have been a bluthering idiot if I'd heard that song too. Local radio stations should be put on alert the first day of school. Nothing slow and sentimental. Who can I talk to about that?