Sunday, August 10, 2008

Feeling "crabby' today?

This is what we had for dinner. Mmmmmmmm.Mmm.Mmmm. The great thing about living on the east coast is the Blue Crabs.

Okay, well I might not have eaten it like this because I'm a sissy and will only eat what Spanky takes out of the shell for me. He does this awesome boil where he puts the crabs, crawdads, potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots and onions in a pot and cooks it all together. It is SO good. The only bad thing is that I always get an antenae of some kind caught between my teeth. Or, I'll go to down a huge spoon full of the pipin hot veggies and I'll chomp into a crawdad leg. GA-ROSS.

I mean seriously, do you think that crawdads clean between their toes? Um, no I dont think so. I'm risking the crawdad version of athletes foot every time I eat this stuff. I vote for all crawdads and crabs having pedicures before they make it to our plates. Who's with me??


catdidit said...

Ok, so, tell spanky to start cutting them legs and feelers OFF! nasty....And I love crab and crawdads, but not with all the thingys attached, lmao.

p.s. you talk to beth today? how you know I crabby, lmao???

Stacy said...

Okay. We're done. Over. Kaput. I cannot be your friend anymore because you just made me sear the inside of both nostrils as my HOT coffee just came flying out my nose... and now my laptop monitor is all splotchy. How can I ever forgive you for being so funny?

Amber said...

Now THIS was a funny post! Lovin' it! Oh, and I just ate at a place that does this type of meal for the first time. YUMM-O! No crawdads in that one though. Hey! You could always use those things to floss with. LOL Ewww!