Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 128-Luna Moth

I came home from dropping the boys off at the bus stop this morning and was greeted by this beautiful specimen of nature.

Its called a "Luna Moth". They're not normally seen especially during daylight hours. If you have been graced by the presence of this work of art from mother nature consider yourself in the club with the lucky few. I have a connection with this Luna Moth that goes beyond photographer and subject. It ties in with a very strange and vivid dream I had last night. I feel cosmically entwined with it. Its a long story. Maybe I'll tell ya sometime.

The Luna Moth represents the beauty, brevity, and complexity of life. But, most importantly, transformation. I think, No, I KNOW something big is coming and I am in the path of it. I can feel it in every fiber of my being. Its like there are sparks in the air. My soul is being awakened and everything is becoming clearer.

I'm paying especially close attention to the signs around me.


Cheyenne said...

can you send this moth my way? I need some "enlightenment" something to show me what path I need to go on....

I am dying to know about your wonderfully vivid inspiring dream. I hope you get your dream and that much more :)

catdidit said...

Oh wow! hmmmmm....cant wait to hear about that dream too, lol.

And, I have seen one of these before. And also felt the way you are talking week later found out I was pregnant with my pregnant?

Stacy said...

Have you been reading your horiscope again? :) Great shot Missy, and that's coming from a person that HATES bugs!