Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 121-My Girls

I'm SUPER-DEE-DUPER busy this weekend. I'm not gonna be around till Sunday or Monday but I didnt want to leave you without a weekend blog to pick your nose at. Make sure you click on the pics to make them larger so you can see the text. Its titilating and might make your hiney perk up and tingle.

My girls are two very hairy ladies of the canine persuasion. Sometimes they're as close as the closest human sisters. Sometimes they fight just like human sisters. I recently photographed one of their I love you/I hate you moments. Bells is the blond and Dixie is the beagle or as I like to call her, "the ugly sister". Kidding. I'm kidding lol

I heard them talking to each other. This is what they said.

And heres where the fur starts to fly......

Oh no she di'int!

That bitch is going down!

Pull her hair! Pull her hair!

Suckers. Hey that wasnt the boys undies it was mine. Thanks for chewing the butt out of my favorite pair ya skank.

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