Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hmmmm, what do you do when its rained for 3 days straight, flooded in your county and everything is canceled including school and work?

Well ya go mud boggin' of course! In the backyard no less. Of course our backyard is a forest with lots of trails cut into it by Spanky because "you need to be prepared for when it might rain real good like." Well it did just that this weekend and yesterday.

So heres a few pics of the dirty, muddy afternoon we had in the backyard with the boys :) Spankys truck is way to tall for me to step up into. When I stand next to it the floorboard is at my waist. Yesterday was the first time since he's bought it that I have ever ridden in it. He had to stack cinder blocks for me so that I could climb up into it. Yes, I admit thats redneck. Lord have mercy is that redneck. Help me Tom Cruise!


catdidit said...

REDNECKS will survive!!! woooooooooo!!

Melza said...