Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25-Double Dare

The pic of the Colbster is my photo of the day. The second photo is what the blog is about. Read at your own risk.

Today I'm going to analyze my sled ride down the hill behind our home. Be prepared for a no holds bared explanation of the events that are unfolding before your eyes. Its extremely compelling stuff. It may even cure cancer.

1. We have the "glider". Whoever developed this sled for a child is out of their mind. I felt like I was going on a luge. I think I'm going to hurl just thinking about it. When I sat down on it, I think I actually heard it giggle wickedly.

2. Notice the maniacal grin of my eldest son? He knows hes sending me to my death and he's laughing hysterically the entire time. He's an evil child. Where did I go wrong. I knew I shouldn't have put raw steak in his formula. I really shouldn't have listened to that strange neighbor of ours.

3. After the little brat shoved me I tried to dig my heels into the snow with hubby's shoes I had on. It would have worked great if there had actually been snow. More about that in number 4. Note to self, hubby's shoes are extremely stinky. Must put odor eaters on grocery list.

4. Here we have the white substance that was once snow however after sliding on it for hours it had turned to pure ice. The entire hill was pretty much a glacier. I think I should have grabbed my climbing pick or whatever they use to climb those big blocks of ice. All I had was a bobby pin. It broke. What can I say, I'm fat.

5. Terror. Delight. My expression is kinda like the Mona Lisa of sledding facial expressions. Even I don't know what my face is saying and its my face. If you squint your left eye I'm having fun but if you close your right eye I'm terror-stricken.

All in all I did survive. That's the important part. I shall live another day to let my 10 year old torture me, wash laundry, wipe hineys and perform surgery on our dog who decided to try and eat another fish hook. What more can a girl ask for?

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Becky said...

I am LOL with this! Thank goodness you are here to live another day...your comments are awesome! (you must be a stand-up comedian when you aren't shooting!) I am quickly learning to pay your blog a visit when I need a pick-me-up! You rock! :)