Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 28-BIG NEWS!

The New Kids On The Block are coming back ladies! Yes, they are planning a reunion tour! Its fate I tell ya. I had just found all my NKOTB stuff and they announce a reunion.
Its destiny. All of my stars are aligned and I am one with earth and Jupiter. Now I have some serious decisions to make. Do I risk lock-jaw and wear my one NKOTB earring that survived? Should I buy some new white canvas sneakers and puffy paint them? Note to self-must buy rhinestones to bedazzle my jean jacket and jeans.
You seriously have like, no idea how excited I am! I'm oozing "The Right Stuff" from my very soul as I type. I want to be in the front row. I MUST be in the front row. I WILL be in the front row!

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