Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 22-Everyone Should Own One

Everyone should own one of these way cool thingy-ma-bob-doo-dads.

What?? You dont have one in your front yard? *GASP* But I thought everyone's yard had one of these laying around?
Are you sure? Did you check under your patio chair? Did you look around the flower pot? I thought these came standard with the purchase of a home.

You mean you have never tripped over one of these and fell flat on your face while balancing a 20lb bag of dog food on your shoulder while also carrying a whole bag of last minute Burger King only to have it spill everywhere and have your dog forgo the dog food and inhale the Whopper dinner strewn across the yard right in front of you??

Did you check next to the fence? This is mine. You cant have it. You'll have to get your own. You can look at mine though. Its great. I love it. It, completes me.

Have a spongy cake on me.

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