Friday, February 20, 2009


Another post just for you.

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Do you seriously think you'll make a better parent? Do you seriously think that you can strap the baby on your hip and drag that poor kid all around Mardi Gras while your throwing beads up in the windows trying to get girls to flash you their boobs? Oh yeah, your a role model alright.

"No job. No transportation. I want full custody." he says. This is the response when asked why he'd make a better parent. Um, wheres the L.O.V.E? I'll tell you where. its down your pants because you dont care about anyone but yourself and your internet porn. You have a sickness. Its called selfishness. You ran back home to your Mommee and now you want your Mom-ee to raise your "maybe" son. I know your not gonna do it because you have the mental capacity of a 12 year old in the middle of an adult book store. Do you really want your "maybe" son to be just like daddy? I'd want better things for him then to be raise by the parents that you call "old" and how much that you worry because you know they dont have much time left.

Why doesnt she have transportation? Because when you left and took everything in one afternoon you called to have her car repossessed and had her only means of communication, a cell phone, shut off too. Then you went out and bought a $400 phone for you and your girlfriend and gave her my sisters old account. Um, yeah, your such a better person than her.

Its nice to know that you still wanted to see a baby that you dont even think is yours though. Yeah, I'll give you credit for trying to play father of the year. What the hell is wrong that you all of the sudden hate Ginger? Dude, you begged her to let her in your "family" picture! She said no but oh no, you were worried she would be sad if you didnt include her. Your so fake. Your so sad.

Like I said, dont worry though because me and spanky have been sending money to make sure that YOUR maybe baby has pampers on his behind and clothes the fit him because you refuse to send her a dime. I'm proud to call me and my husband the babies Psuedo-daddy. I know the only reason you want him is so you dont have to pay for him. its not cause you love him and htats evident on the questionaire you filled out and the paternity test you requested. What? No drug test request now? Feeling guilty maybe? Oh no, thats called feeling HIGH!

Like I said, good bye to you. I'm so done. I wouldn't spit on you if you were in the desert dying of thirst and your hair was on fire. You have hurt my family one to many times. I've tried and tried to see both sides but your side, your side is selfish, vindictive and plain evil.

Its okay though Shrek. My sister is not your Fiona. Shes much to beautiful for that but I'm so happy that you found someone who can be your Fiona. cake. (but no slice for you, loser)


Cheyenne said...

dude, halla! Apparently one person decided to be a P.O.S. and is now getting the wrath of Missy. Amen Sista! Sounds like you are just the person your sister and her son need in their lives. Don't know the whole shebang, but from your post, everyone is better off without this loser.

Missy said...


My sister called me a "verbal ninja". It just felt better getting it all out there and off my chest. I've met some people in my day, but the ones that pretend to be your friends and use you will always be written off my list of "awesome people who have brought something better into my life".

Your on it btw. muah!