Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hows this for precious?

Cant you just smell the newness on these little sweethearts? They make my uterus hurt. Then I remember that they cry every 2 hours to be fed, need their hineys wiped all the time, need to be burped and require round the clock care. Wait a second, I do all that crap now with my grown kids. Hmmm. I think something is amiss here.

Anyhow, these are twins of very good friends of ours. I couldn't be more thrilled for mom and dad. Holding two little miracles in my hands was amazing.

Speaking of miracles, Colby is going to be singing with the entire kindergarten tonight at school in the CAFETERIA! I am so excited! this is such a big step for him with all of his sensory issues. I'll post pics tomorrow. I cant wait to see him tonight!!

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