Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 years down and twelve more to go.

Yep. Thats how many years I have until my youngest child is 18 and off to college. I can hear freedom calling me. Its saying, "dont worry. 12 more years and you can join me for traveling with no worries about babysitters, nights out with curfews, no report cards, no PTA meetings (GAG), no school shoppping and NO struggling to make science projects! I've gotten an A for the last 3 years on my projects. I rule.

Yeah, I'll miss it when its all said and done. A little. A teeny tiny bit. Okay, I"ll cry like a baby but I am sure that I can nurse myself back to a great mood with malibu sunsets served in first class while flying over to Santarini.

In the meanwhile, I'll be doing the same thing only, it will be dreaming in my chair and probably drinking a parrot bay and I'll most likely have the kids standing over me and spraying me lightly with a water bottle while I pretend its ocean spray hitting my face. I'm going to make a headband with my huge conch shells that i have so that i can have ocean surround sound. I'll make tuna fish so that I can have the fishy ocean smell floating all around me. Yep, I've got it all worked out.

Oh, before I forget, Colby turned 6 sunday. it wanst my proudest mommy moment because i was down with the flu and i couldnt even go birthday shopping. My awesome mother in law came to my rescue and really filled in where I couldnt and Spanky did a great job with picking out the presents. The only thing we forgot was the candles so my mother in law decided that her emergency candles would have to do. Worked for me. Colby had the biggest candles on the block with his cake. He always has to do things differently. Our world wouldnt be the same if he did though. We love the quirkiness of our daily lives. Its never boring and theres always something new to learn about each other.

I love ya Jeannie. I dont know where I'd be without you. thanks so much for all the help with "Cobly" last weekend :) I'll make it up to you on mothers day. Just dont ask for anything expensive and I am NOT touching your feet. I know. I'll return all your bowls and silverware and pots and pans I have. Wait, then I wont have anything to cook with. hmmmm.decisions decisions.

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The Queen said...

hahaha, love those candles. what a cutie.