Monday, March 16, 2009

~Organized Choas At Its Finest~

Yep. That, my friends, is what I now have. Ugh, something just got stuck under my "w" key. Dontcha just hate that? You push and push and nothing shows up on the screen. You have a moment of panic because you remember that you were on a "not so nice site" a few days ago and probably picked up a virus. You start sweating because there is NO freaking way that you can take your laptop to be checked out because you were checking out some questionable material that makes you gag now just thinking about it. But, you had to see it because EVERYONE and literally their grandmothers have been talking about this repulsive piece of video. But then you realize that its just a seed from your sesame seed sub roll from lunch and your world is returned to its ol' warm and fuzzy self. No? Just me? Yeah right, dont lie. Okay well forget I EVER said anything. it was just a scenario. Just something to make your gears grind in your thinker.

Oh, back to my reason for posting. I have finally organized my desk. I bought lots of storage stuff and holders and sharpeners and bras and file folders to get myself into the swing of things. I am so excited about my new found tidiness. EVERYTHING has a place. Its a tight squeeze but I have a pretty good amount of room to do all my stuff. I utilize my wall for posting reminders and i think I should look for some corkboard before my wall ends up looking like an Mexican drug lord house in the barrios. Sorry for that reference. I have been watching all 4 seasons of "WEEDS" from showtime. Best freaking show ever. I know what I'm gonna be doing if this picture gig doesnt pan out. Kidding. I'm so kidding. I dont have the overhead to start up that kind of business and I sure dont have the client base. Hmmm, or do i? Ya never know.

Anyhow. heres the before and after pics of my desk. Soak it up and take it all in. I am so proud of myself and I KNOW Sue'p will be too :)

And after:

This literally only took me like, 24 hours. Rock on me!


The Queen said...

What we all want to know is what does the other side of the room look like?? hahahaha ha haha ha ha.


It looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Post from Missy's Lawyer:
"My client does not feel comfortable answering that question."

catdidit said...

Yay! Your survived! Ok, so I am issuing you a challenge...I want to see a 7 days of this same spot! LOL!

Anonymous said...

great job missy, suep is so proud of you. I told you, you can do it. Dont it just make ya feel good? There is some organizational skills in you. You just have to unleash them.
love ya