Friday, February 20, 2009

She's so graceul.

My girl has such poise. She should have been born a ballerina instead of a Pomeranian dontcha think?

Sometimes she still gets the stink eye from the ugly stepsister.

Okay I know you are all out there going "how can you be so mean to that wittle face?" Well I will tell you. That little face ate 3 fish hooks, my laptop cord AND didnt even say thank you for the electrocution she got from it. Sometimes when you see her walking she will all of the sudden kick a leg out and twitch it a bit. I think there may be damage.

Anyhow, the reason I love Bella more is because shes just so beautiful. I mean look at that profile. Look how perfect she is. She's so majestic with her ski slope nose.

Its not just her nose. Its her sense of style. Look how well she handles the 80's hair band hair. I seriuosly see a jon bon jovi thing going on here.

And look. this shows how she wears the Farrah wings beautifully. Go on girl witcha bad self! Work those wings. Fly away little doggie!

And her lashes. Just look at those beautiful long lashes. Sigh, they make my uterus all achy.

And the feathery tail. I swear, when the wind blows it just right I feel like I'm watching clouds float right on by me. And then she usually farts but I never said she had manners.

So thats why I love her more. Oh, I'd like to apologize to Donna who's ankle was nearly shredded when she walked to close to me and didnt announce her presence to my 8lbs body guard. She was just having a bad day. She had a few (whispers) dingle berries building up in the back. I had to cut them off. its not my favorite after school activity thats for sure.

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