Friday, April 24, 2009

Frea-kay Friday

I know he loves me. How do I know he loves me? Because he lets me do things to him that other men would consider, hmmmm, demeaning? But not my Spanky. No, he proves his love for me in all sorts of ways.

Yesterday, he decided that he wanted a haircut. He asked me to do it but I grumbled and he took it upon himself to go outside and try to shave it on his own. This only resulted in patches of bald spots combined with areas overgrown bushes scattered around his head. I fixed him up and before I sent him on his way I threw out that age old question that every man dreads to hear. "Do you love me?"
"Yessssssss" he sighed.
Prove I said to him. Let me put my initial in your chest hair.
Okay he shrugged.
I began my new found artistic outlet and low and behold I transformed my seemingly normal Spanky into an instant super hero. You see he is a mechanic and well, the "M" for Missy just wasn't what it was supposed to stand for.

Prepare yourselves lady and gents for I present to you, SUPER MECHANIC!

Able to change oil in a single flick of the wrist. Able to rebuild your transmission in meer seconds and do all those other things mechanics do (like jacking up your bill while they just sit on their rumps and play games on their cell phones) in just a few short blinks of the eye.

I took this picture yesterdy and said "Show me your grrrrr face."
This my friends is Super Mechanic's grrrrrr face.

P.S. I'd like to thank my extremely good natured husband who I love with all the beats of my heart for letting me do this to him and take the picture for proof. I dont think I'd replace him with the most hottest version of Justin Timberlake. Well, at least not for a few more years. *wink,wink*

Peace.Love.Strawberry shortcake.


Cheyenne said...

PRICELESS!!! I just showed this to my husband, and he just said "NO" dagnabit...

catdidit said...

ug...loose the cap and THEN I might say he's a good man....hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hey I shved marty and said oh let me shave an S or suep and it didnt work, he dont love me like scotty loves you. Ha maybe next time he gets drunk. ha ha