Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its a beautiful world...

It really is. I mean, I try to look at everything with an open mind. I see the leaves on a tree as hair for them. Some, like the weeping willows, have long luxurious tresses. When the wind blows the cascades of leafy hair dance to and fro reminding the pine trees that their pixie do's will never sway back and forth. Of course, then the pine tree gets to blow razzberries at the willow because they get brought inside during Christmas and are adorned with decorations and celebrated. Then the willow reminds the pine tree that after the new year they get tossed out with the garbage and sometimes burned with the brush piles. And so, the sibling rivalry lives on.

I have no idea what I'm talking about today. Its been tough with Granny's passing. I feel creatively tapped. I'm an emotionless zombie lately. I think i held in the hurt of losing her for so long when I was taking care of her that when she passed, I was just drained. I cried but not like I should have. Would she have wanted that though? Nah. I need to get it back though. What good is a photographer with no creative vision? I have 2 full day weddings next month. I'm shaking with fear because I know they want that something "special" added to their photography. I just hope that I'm out of this funk to make sure I deliver on it.

Anyhow, yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Yippee! I got no burn barrel like last year. This year, he spent the entire day with me, cleaned the house from top to bottom, let me take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then cooked me a full course dinner. This huge dinner was after he took me to an awesome seafood lunch including stuffed shrimp and crab legs. It really was a great day. For his gift, I let him tattoo a small butterfly on my wrist. Its a very light purple. I'll take a pic and show it to yall soon. I want it to heal up first :)

Now the best part of the day was desert. I picked out this awesome strawberry shortcake with cream cheese filling and cool whip icing. It was TO DIE FOR. It seriously doesnt get anymore sinful than this people. I could hear the pounds growing on my thighs but I did not care one bit. You only live once right? Yep. You only live once. shortcake. (still none for you though loser)

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