Wednesday, May 6, 2009

things taught to me by my 6 year old.

Yes. He is wise beyond his years. Sometimes, he schools me in the most peculiar of subjects.

From him, I have learned that my 11 year old's weenie now has a mustache.

I have learned that the jar of diaper cream should go in the fridge because its "whip cream for you's nuts".

And most importantly I have learned that when you tell him to make sure the doors are not locked in the van before he closes the door-this is kid speak for "hey, lets lock both sets of keys in the van so we dont have to go to school."

I'm on to him. I am. I'm hip to his wiley ways.

1 comment:

Cheyenne said...

OMG Missy, totally dying here!! Mustache for his weenie??? Now I am totally picturing Tom Selleck nekked :)

And cool whip for your nuts!! He sooooo has your sense of humor! What a lucky little guy :)