Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With a heavy heart....

Last Oct I wrote a post about my son's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Heppe. It was a very special post. You can read it here http://melissadawnphotography.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-know-what-hope-looks-like.html

My heart is heavy and I am sad to update that she has passed away and joined our Lord. As, kid-like as it might sound, she was one of those people that I just assumed would live forever. She will though, in our hearts and our actions of compassion towards one another. She will be missed and will always be loved. I pray for her family and her many "babies" as she called them that she taught over the years. The patience and love that she showed my Colby was above and beyond anything I have seen from a teacher. She ate with him for 3 weeks in the cafeteria, at the table sitting next to him and helped him overcome a serious issue with noise, food and smells in that room. I will always be grateful to her and I am so glad that I forced myself to drag my but up to the school on the last day to hand her my personal thank you and hug her for all she had done.

I raise my crayon to you Mrs. Heppe. A true warrior to the end. Battles are lost but the war against cancer will never be over until a cure is found. This is the second person in the last 3 months that we have lost to this ugly disease.

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