Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 51-He said what??

So I had a conversation at the DMV that went like this today.

"Can i have hot porn when we get home mom?"

"Sure ya can sweets."

I'm surrounded by gasps of strangers crowded around us on the "to close to my personal space" chairs in the DMV. I flushed bright red and I realized that not everyone can understand what we in my family call "Colbynese". My youngest has a bit of a hard time articulating his words. He's getting better but some words have kinda stuck.

Now when Colby asked me for "hot porn" what he really was asking for was "popcorn". Ohhhhh, yeah, now ya get it. HAHA.

An older gentleman behind us heard our conversation and after I explained to the gaspers that what he really meant to say was "popcorn" and not the lastest issue of Hustler they all giggled but him. His exact words were:

"You need to learn-ed him how to talk right if your gonna take him in pub-lick."

Well I'll be a vegatarian in a slaughter house. I knew there was something I was forgetting to teach my kids. Ugh-what a terrible mom I am. haha.

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