Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Congratulations "Cathy"! You have won this totally like "so dope" one of a kind piece of artistic decadence. Isn't it delish??

I have a MAJOR headache today. While I was taking pictures of these beautiful $5 Walmart Tulips, I attempted to blow off some "dust" that was on the stamen or piston, wait thats on a car. Is it a pistle? paddle? All I know is that when I blew alllllllll of this stuff came blowing right into my face. I'm clogged. I cant breathe and my eyes are swollen. *sigh*.

In the end it was all worth it. I like what I got and I got what I like. HAHA That was like, so deep wasnt it. Seriously. Like, uh-huh.

See the pain that I endure for my fans? All 4 of you. Next weeks "Take a Gander Tuesday" should be just as titillating as well. (heehee I said titillating again)

1 comment:

cathy said...

ummm did your mama never tell you NOT to blow INTO the wind? duh....lmao. and gooooo me!! Im gonna have enough pics to decorate a wall soon, too cool!