Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 45-You think you know, but you have no idea....

Ahhh, one of my favoritest posts ever. I wrote this last year. Its so like, deep and meaningful. I think I have a "vintage daisy soul".

Man I'm so Emo. Pass the white face paint and black eyeliner dude.


Sometimes, I get tired of dealing with people. Not in a bad way. I just want some "me" time.
Sometimes, I wish I had smaller feet because I think a size 6 foot is more womanly than my size 9.
Sometimes, I think we have ghosts in our house.
Sometimes, I wish I lived in a one season state. 24-7,365 summer.
Sometimes, when you come by my house and peek in my window to see if I'm home, I stand very still and pray that you dont see me inside.
Sometimes, I need a drink more than you know.
Sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine I'm on a tropical island being brought lots and lots of Capt. Morgan by Johnny Depp dressed like Jack Sparrow. Who doesnt love a pirate?
Sometimes, I believe I am so boring that my own thoughts make me want to doze off in boredom.
Sometimes, when I'm driving down the highway I pretend I'm racing with the other cars and if I dont pass them, I'll lose my pretend race.
Sometimes, I could seriously kick my dog across the room when she pees right next to the sliding glass door.
Sometimes, I like me.
Sometimes, I wouldnt want to be my own friend.
Sometimes, I make up not feeling well so I have an excuse to lie around all day doing absolutely nothing at all.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I say a prayer for those who dont believe in prayer.
Sometimes, I pray that I am forgiven for not wanting to be your friend because you dont believe in prayer.
Sometimes, the world sucks.
But most of the time, its a great place to be :)

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