Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 50!-Rock on!

Lots of pics for the 50th day! Most are from hubbys grandfathers house. I'm warming up to the horses. I like them from a distance and when I'm behind my lens. I have a fear of them. They're so freaking big and unpredictable. All they wanted to do was sniff my camera. They're neato animals though. I wouldnt say they gave me the hiney tingles or anything but definitely made my creativity wheels start turning a bit.

I didnt use to fear horses. When I was a kid horses were everything to me. Every little girl wants a pony right? I cant ride them though. I can look at them. From a distance and behind my camera I can love them. I want to not be afraid of them. I really do. Maybe I should try sleeping in a stable with one or something. However, I refuse to share any food or my water. I'm stingy. I need my own oats.

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