Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My boys got to meet a wonderful group of guys tonight. The Fauquier Gators gave them a few tips on pitching and batting. It was a great experience for the boys and so great of the Gators to do that for the boys. My boys have decided that their signed Gator posters are the most prized posession of their lives. I think you guys might even rank higher than the PSP's and Wii's. Okay maybe not THAT much but a lot.


I only snapped a few pics because I didnt want to embarass my guys by running behind them snapping all of their life moments for the hour they were on the field with them. Seriously, do you guys have ANY idea how hard it is for a photographer to restrain from snapping the shutter through moments like this? I think I popped a vein with all my self control. I had to treat myself to a Pina Colada ice pop when we got home to calm the frazzled photographer OCD I have.

Its official. I have ruined my kids for picture taking for the rest of their life. Its sad. I mean, what kind of mom would I be if I didnt have pictures of my oldest riding his hobby horse in nothing but a pair of power ranger underoos while sporting yellow rainboots?

Oh, and I apologize for not keeping this a true day to day account of my life in pictures. Its also official that I am a failure. *sigh* At least I still have my spongy cake :)

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