Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 161-The Big HURT

Talk about commitment on a play. This is my 11 year old taking a dive trying to catch a foul ball at his game tonight.


While I was snapping my child in pain and reeling on the ground after he planted his entire body weight on his wrists I thought, hmmmm, am I getting the best angle for this shot? Would it be covered best from the side? But then of course I would have missed his facial expression which to me, sums up the feelings of every single player from tonights game.

Dont worry. AFter I finished taking a succession of shots of this particular play I realized that he just might be hurt a little bit and I put the camera down and walked over to make sure he was alright. Of course, he was. He's a tough kid. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

No 11 year olds were harmed in the shooting of this photo and no I didnt tell him to dive for a ball so that I could post a really cool action shot on my blog. What do you think I am folks? A meanie? *GASP* Well I NEVER.

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