Friday, June 20, 2008

Day-171 Queens and their bees

I've given my oldest son (the one I call Number 1) a new nick name. I'm going to start calling him L.L. Cool D.
Ladies love cool Dylan. While we were on our Fathers Day vacation I noticed all the little girls were swarming him. Granted there were only 3 but hey, 3 is enough to equal a swarm in the "Queen Bee" of girl standards.

Now, what my son didnt realize is that girls stick together. They roam in packs and have little honed in instincts to let them know when one another is in trouble. Kinda like, cramping but it can happen at anytime one of their swarm is in trouble. Here's where trouble started. Piggyback rides.


And here's where my son went wrong. He started a stick fight with the Queen.

Uh-oh! The cramping kicked in and here comes one! Run Number 1 Run!

Um, where in the world did the third one come from? Its like she popped right out of thin air. See how dangerous those female creatures are Number 1?


And this is how it ended. Scary little things arent they?

See Number 1, when you mess with the uterus you get the ovaries too. There is nothing more dangerous than something mad and full of estrogen.

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Cheyenne said...

its the power of "the who-ha" boys need to beware!!! :) Loving number 1's faux hawk!!!