Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 181-Heres looking at you....kid.

I know how you feel baby girl. Your saying, "Who the hell is this crazy person and what is that big thing pointing at me." I felt the same way the firs time I uh, baked cookies. Yeah when I baked cookies with my then boyfriend. Yeah thats it.

Oh good gravy. My 5 year old bed wetter just downed an 18 ounce bottle of water at 9p. I think I'm just gonna make him a bed in the bathtub. I'll tell him that we're doing tornado drills but he doesn't have to put the mattress over him. Crap, then he might want take a bath by himself at 2am and thats not good.

Hmmmm. What if I bring in one of their old empty turtle shaped sandboxes and let him sleep in that. Yep, he's sleepin in the turtle tonight.

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