Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Remember when being a kid was fun? Remember when you heard the crack of the bat as it hit the baseball for the very first time? My 5 year old got to experience all of the yesterday at his very first T-ball practice.

"Oh," you say, "this is just gonna be another mom bragging about her kids kinda post". Well kinda. When Colby was born he was sick. He had life threatening heart problems. We lived at Fairfax Hospital for about 2 months trying to find the best medicine cocktail to control his heart rate. I've heard this kids heart rate going at 320 beats per minute and I've heard his heart stop completely. No parent should ever have to know what its like to hear nothing coming from your childs chest.

Anywho, Colby had his surgery last year to fix his little ticker. He's 100% cured and is fantastic. He smiled the entire time he was at practice. I have never seen the kid so truly happy. Its a blessing.

Its a blessing for me also because now that he's healthy I dont feel guilty making him wash dishes, do laundry, sweep the floors, take out the trash and bathe the dogs. Hey, 5 year olds need to earn their place at the table too.


Cheyenne said...

the one of him running, grinning from ear to ear is my fave!!! What a perfect moment!!!

Katie said...

You just have to cutest boys EVER!!!! I love those pictures and I like the one of him smiling and running also!!!