Wednesday, April 2, 2008

day 91-No, thats not a tear....

I am absolutely not sad one bit that my 10 year old will be going to middle school next year. I'm not. Really. I'm OK. No thats not a tear you see running down my cheek. I spit when I talk and it tends to go upwards. I know that goes against the laws of gravity but this is my world and thats the way I want it.

My baby did not take off running with his little friends when we got into the auditorium for orientation. He wouldnt do that. He's so not the kind of kid who would sit 3 seats down from me and say "your going to blog about this arent you?" Because then I would have to say no and then he would say that he knew I was going to and he didnt care as long as I didnt make fun like I did with "the room". I would have to ask what "room" he was referring to and he would say the "hotel room". I wouldnt have to correct him and tell him that I was nice and didnt make fun of the room and tell him not to look at me with one eyebrow up in the air.

I didnt make fun of the room really. I noted the unusual decorative motif that it was adorned in.

Anyhow, I'm not sad about him going into middle school. Really. No thats not a tear.

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Angela said...

Love this shot, mucho bokeh!