Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 95-GPS folies

GPS-Global what?

In my world GPS stands for "going psycho sometimes". This is how my GPS made me feel today. It took me 3 hours to drive a place that should have taken only an hour.

Okay I will admit that its mostly my fault because when I would miss a turn Mio (thats my gps's name) would tell me to turn around at the next available turn.

"Oh Mio" I said, "would you please trust me. I know exactly where I'm going. Just wait and see sistah friend." Then she started to become frantic when I missed the 4rth recommended u-turn spot. She yelled at me. She called me vulgar names. She told me that if I wouldnt take her advice for directions then I should at least pull over and ask someone. When I laughed at her she told me I smelled like bad tofu. What does bad tofu smell like anyways? Naturally I shrugged her off and told her she was being paranoid but 2 hours later I began to worry. Another hour later I arrived at my destination. I cant be for sure, but I think she spit at me. Seriously, I heard it.

Note to self, do not drive South if your trying to go North.

Mio, I'm sorry. Will you find it in your microchip to forgive me? I promise next time, you can do all the talking. I'm burning my mapquest printouts.

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