Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 89-Its not just humans who have marital problems

Its not only the human species that has marital problems. I was walking around outside and saw this Cardinal couple squawking at each other something fierce.

From what I could gather from their conversation, Mr. Cardinal told Mrs. Cardinal that she looked like she was having some trouble working off her winter weight after she asked him if her feathers looked a little tight on her. This statement earned Mr.Cardinal a peck in the head and Mrs.C ran away from him down the branch.

She was sobbing and wouldn't look at him. He in turn decided to face away from her and said she was to sensitive and that he wouldn't tell her the truth about anything she asked him again. I can't be for sure but I think he flipped her the bird with his wing. Is that even possible since they are birds? Okay, I'll say he flipped her the middle feather. Then she told him that she should have married the nice Bluejay that grew up down the branch from her and he said that she should have since her mother never liked him anyway.

At this point I was having flashbacks of my childhood of bickering parents.
Well Mrs.C decided to drop the bomb on Mr.C. "The reason I've gained so much weight is because I'm carrying your eggs." she said. Then heard a gasp and "THUD". Mr.C fell of the branch, hit the ground and Mrs.C flew down after him. She picked him up his little birdie head with her little birdie wing and told him she loved him and he said he loved her. This is the part of the story where you gag at the cutsie-wootsie.

I'd love to hear what they think about each other in 2 months when they're fighting over who's gonna get the worm at 2am and change out the down inside the nest every few hours.

Yep, its not just humans who have marital problems.

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catdidit said...

Hahahaha! Love it!