Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 62-Talented Fauquier

Fauquier has some real talent. I went to the talent show yesterday that was in a warehouse somewhere across from Walmart. It was really neato torpedo and made my toes tingle.
There were some amazing acts. I have to say that the unicylists scared me a little bit when a couple of them came out on 10 foot tall uni's with 3 wheels stacked on top of each other. I mean, I can't even ride a bicycle let alone something with one wheel. I trip and fall on my face on a daily basis just walking across the room. There will be a huge BOOM! CRASH! and you'll here my husband say "is your mom breathing?" The kids will say yeah and everyone will go back to drawing on the walls or kick boxing each other for the last donut.
I loved seeing the ballerinas. I wanted to be one so bad when I was growing up but the whole klutz thing came into play again. I was tossed out when I gave a girl a black eye trying to twirl. I should have been caution cones around me. I still think its her fault for not moving. I mean seriously, she had seen me try to dance before. Standing near me was like suicide. I wont even go into the "gymnastics" phase. We refer to that as the "dark period" in my life. As you can see, I had a very painful childhood.
One of my favorites of the day yesterday (and the reason I went in the first place) was my cousins little girl was performing with the Tip Top Twirlers of Remington. They were cute as buttons in their little outfits and tiny batons. Now, baton twirling is something I can actually do. I have no idea why but after giving myself several busted lips, a few bloody noses and one broken window it was easy as pie.
Oh yeah, there was a belly dancer. She was gorgeous, way cool and every single male ran in to see her perform. When I say every single male, I mean EVERY single male. Some dude went and sat on the floor right in front of her. Mysteriously after her performance all of the male audience disappeared. Whats wrong fellas? Didnt want to stay for the 6 year old Tip Top Twirlers? Phooey on you.

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