Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 64-65, I'm a WHAT???

We inherited a bird last night. Not just any bird. A Nape Amazon parrot. He talks. He squawks. He's like "so dope". I am determined to make sure this guy is happy and enjoys the rest of his life just chillin' and poppin' a few back with the old man. I'm kidding. I dont give animals alcohol although when my pomeranian is running circles around me for 15 minutes straight, I'm all for a little self-medicating.

Now, the parrots name is Grady and Grady hasnt warmed up to me yet. I decided that I was going to make him love me right from the start. I was standing at his birdie condo that someone mistakenly bought him as a cage and said "Would you like some apples? I'm gonna go get you an apple."

As I turned and walked away I heard him making a little squak and then called me an a**hole.
Well, is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship or what people.

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