Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 71-Best friends

They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they even come in different species. I told you all about my bes tfriend in an earlier post. Yes shes still scrubbing her floor daily and probably bleaching the toilet as we speak.

My husband and his best friend are not polar opposites like me and my bestest. No, they're both dirty, grimey, gross, nose picking boys. They do the normal things males do together like mooning each other and blowing snot rockets at one another.
They also like to canoe. One evening after work they decided they wanted to get in a few hours of "fishing". Well they floated a part of the river that they had never been down and they started losing light fast. Not only was it getting dark but it was also starting to thunder and lightning. Guess what? Neither one thought a flashlight was something they would need while fishing in the dark. No no. Real men dont need flashlights for night fishing. They rely on their instincts they have left over from the days of cave men. Thankfully they're not wearing bear skin dresses as well.

So here we have 2 men floating down a river in the pouring rain, in the dark with no flashlight. They decided to get out of the water because, well, one of them realized they were perfect lightning rods. Duh guys! Then, Buckwheat got out of the boat without telling Spanky and Spanky went face first into the water. They began to climb out of the water up the bank and guess what. It was muddy and they couldnt make their way up. Hello? Mcfly? Is anybody home?

The kicker is that they could only go a few feet at a time because they had to move with the lightning. Why you ask? Remember? Real men dont need flashlights for night fishing.

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