Monday, January 19, 2009


This, is my desk. I was coming to sit down today to get to work and took a good hard look around for the first time in weeks. I was kinda shocked at my messiness but not to much because I am by nature a "clutterer". I dont want to say sloppy because thats not what I am. I have a tendency to let things clutter together. I get them out and dont put them away. Or I get them out and plan on using them in the next day or so and I forget about the project and move on to something else within eyesight that I had forgotten was there.

The bottom line is that I need HELP. I have no clue how I concentrate on anything with all of this around me but I do. IF nothing is around me I feel naked and me naked is illegal in 49 of the states. Oh I've organized it. Several times but it just keeps happening over and over. I have 2 lamps on my desk. 1 of them has a blown bulb so I stole a living room lamp and put it on the printer beacuse if it sits to low I dont get enough light to see. YARN. I have YARN everywhere. I work on projects while I'm running batch actions that can take forever with wedding shots.

I just need, something. help? little help here? anyone? One of the first things that needs to go is that GOD awful nascar hood that Spanky put up. My walls are covered in notes, pictures, daily affirmations and other tidbits that i dont want to lose.

Help. Lil help here?


Stacy said...

BWAHAHAHA... ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. I would have a serious panic attack! LOL. Yeah... girllllllllllllllfriend... you need help. LOL. Is that a roll of toilet paper?????
See... I'm the opposite extreme. I'm a neat freak. It started at a very young age... my mom would give me a box of 64 Crayons and the first thing I'd do would be dump it out, re-sharpen EVERY Crayon (cause they weren't sharp enough for my taste) and then REARRANGE them by color and shade!!! Yes. It's true. Total OCD. Sure, my desk looks a hell of a lot better than yours, but sometimes being on the other extreme of cluttered can be just as scary! LOL!

Kristina Provinsal said...

Just clean it up and start over. I'm a stacker, I have paper stacked around and if I don't go through it once a week then it's everywhere in the kitchen and on my desk. Right now I have paper stacked on the side of my desk, on the printer, and for some reason right under my monitor is a safe zone for small toys that the kids throw up here and say don't lose this! I put it all up and start all over. So Missy, it's time to just clean it up and start over. I would say organize but if you have a place for everything then just put it back. :)

Anonymous said...

I say get a shelf then add little tote drawers and label them. you know one for important papers one for yarn that type of thing you certainly have room for the mess so you certainly have room for the shelf. Get with it girl you can do it
love ya suep