Friday, January 9, 2009

The start of a brand new year.

I didnt make any new years resolutions this year. I'm all about self-esteem and since I am the "self" in the equation, I felt it would be better not to let myself down or put pressure on my "self". All in all, I think its gonna be a good plan. I'm just gonna sit back and be amazed at the things I do everyday because I didnt expect myself to do anything. Every accomplishment like waking up, brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom, will be a reason to celebrate.

I mean seriously, everyone who said they were going to lose weight has probably already cheated. People who said they were gonna spend more time with their family has probably booked themselves solid and I'm sure its not extra weekends with the kids.

Anyhow. We decided to spend the night at Spanky's cousins house for New Years Eve. It was alot of fun. It probably would have been even more fun if I wasnt sick for the umpteenth time this year but I made do with a couple Bacardi's.

We sang, we played Rockband 2. See pic of Spanky and his cousins below. My baby has such a Mick Jagger essence about him doesnt he.

I watched one of Spanky's cousins girlfriends drink herself to puking. "Come do some shots with me Missy" she smiled. "No, thats okay, I dont want to puke." She waved me off and sure enough an hour later, the girl was praying to the porcelain god.This is her below.

I think the highlight of my night was watching Spanky lift his shirt and rub his belly onto his cousin J.R. It was disturbing and intriguing all at the same time.

Then, after ringing in the new year our air mattress went flat and we had to sleep on the hard wood floor. I got some great pictures though.

its all about the memories though right? Yay-memories.
I also have a drinking story of Spanky's Aunts to share with you. Click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can read the words. A and S. I love you. Hey your initials together almost spell "ass" lmao

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