Monday, September 1, 2008

Good to be back and a lesson in horseback breaking...

Ahhh. I'm sitting in my comfy chair. I'm sipping ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper and getting ready to watch an all new Prison Break on Tv. Sigh, I love Wentworth Miller. I loved him way back when he was on one of my most favoritest vampire movies "Underworld: Evolution". Sorry all you late Went lovers. He's mine and you cant have it. I saw him first.

Speaking of guys. I'll be posting this week about things that happened while we were on our camping trip over the long weekend. Here's a little scene right before we left. Meet self-named "Big-Daddy" Matt. He is a new rider of horses who decided that he needed to learn how to ride on a horse thats never been ridden. Works for me. I'm all about education.

Here we have a few little conversations I overheard while snapping these pics.

"Hey big daddy matt!
We have a great idea! We need someone to break in this horse thats never been ridden. We were gonna do it ourselves but we thought it would be more fun for someone who's never done it before to do it for us instead. What can we say, its boring out here in Deliverance land."

"Dont worry Big Daddy Matt. This horse is the sweetest out of the bunch. She has a personality like my favorite actress Joan Crawford.

Sue, I know I'm new at this but wasn't Joan Crawford an alcoholic sociopath?
Dont worry Big Daddy Matt!! Just make sure when you get on her you blow kisses at her, promise her scotch on the rocks and call her Mommy Dearest. Oh and I have great news! I just saved a load of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!!


Now, after all that bellyaching and worrying about something as small in life as breaking his neck, Big Daddy Matt's horse Breezy was as sweet as pie to this green rider.

See Big Daddy Matt? You crapped your pants for nothing. I'm glad I didnt have to ride home with you.

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