Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My new favorite show.

Sigh, I just dont know where to begin. I have a strange obsession. Its vampires. I blame the Twilight book series. Its not that I want to dress up in black and drink blood. However, in my dreams I would love to be married to one hahaha.

Well, thats where this show comes in. TrueBlood Its the new show on HBO based on the Southern Vampire Mystery book series and it is AWESOME. Its a grown-up show. You cant watch this with your chil'rens.

This was a post by an online friend who summed it up better than I could:

"Hot vampire from another era madly in love with human woman? Check. Vampire is Obsessive and powerful? Check. Girl has special power? Check. Other vampires threaten girl? Check. Sex? errrrr...ok, I did say adult"-AJ

Now go forth and watch my little fang lovers.


Cheyenne said...

i blame my love of vampire love stories on Buffy... yes, i was hooked on Buffy, i admit it.

Three Chicks and One Grumpy Dude said...

I'm another total vampire junkie. I love the original book series and I'm really enjoying the show too. Can't wait to see Eric!