Friday, September 5, 2008

Who shot JR?

Meet J.R.

This handsome devil is Spanky's cousin. He's a world traveler. He likes long walks in the park and holding hands under the stars. If I were to put out a personal ad for dear JR it would probably be this: "Minimalist seeks woman." He likes the simple things. Food,water and shelter. Oh and the occasional Dukes of Hazard get together.

Now, Spanky and the rest of his cousins like to use JR as the butt of most their jokes. Exhibit A.See the picture above? See the dazed and confused look on the poor guys face? What do you think is on the other side of this picture?

Well I could tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya. If you think you know the answer comment on it...I might post the other half if anyone guesses it :) This capture was well worth the price that I might get out of it when I blackmail him with it.

Love you JR!!


catdidit said...

Ummm he's amazed he is in an upright position?

Christina said...

Somebody is mooning him?

Cheyenne said...
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Cheyenne said...

boobs!!! or a wooden weiner :)