Sunday, July 27, 2008

So my hair grew out a little bit since I last had it cut in Nov of 2007. Seriously, I thought that if I paid $75 for a haircut that it should last at least a year. My follicles had other plans. No, they decided to grow out, become frizzy and split. Hmmm-it sounds kinda like my transformation into puberty. EW, shudder at the flashbacks.

I wont name the place that I went to and waited an hour to be seen because I didn't call ahead. Don't they know who I am? I mean, I guess they could have thought I was just a regular person because I didnt have one my stalkers walking behind me holding the sign that says "I love Missy". She had "stuff" to do. Or like babies to give birth to or whatever. Seriously, arent I more important than life itself? Literally hahaha.

Anyhow can I just say that karma is a bitch. See, a few months back I tried to give my Pomeranian a summer hair shave. It didnt work out so well. I got paid back 10 fold with my hideous new do. I love layers but she cut my front to short. If I'm not careful with styling it, it will end up giving off a mullet vibe. Which brings me to the other karma I had coming to me because of the mullet hunting I did when we went to that WWE pro wrestling event.

seriously, I hate the universe right now.

exhibit a.

P.S. i totally took this pic going 75mph on my way to a wedding an hour away. What can I say? I was bored.


catdidit said...

You are such a NUT! I LOVE it! Seriously! I wouldnt lie to you! well, maybe, but not over a haircut! hahaha!

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

hahahaha, you are cracking me up! The new do doesn't look bad here at all! I hope it grows out quickly for you though. Not much can make a girl feel worse than a haircut she hates!