Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have a confession...

I used to make cheesy slide shows. I did and I LOVED it! One slide show that I particularly loved was called "THE POOL RULES". We were cleaning and filling up our pool and my brother in law took it upon himself to provide me with hours and hours of endless belly laughing video. When I am having a really bad day, I like to watch this video. I am so sorry Jason for throwing this out there on the internet but it has to be shared. This is one of my greatest works of art. I have to share it with the world. Just remember that no one does the soapy slide like you do!

So go pop some popcorn or "hot-porn" as my 5 year old calls it. Grab some tea or vodka-whatever you need to get you through the day and watch one of my first works of art.

Be sure to take special note of how my brother in law uses my children's bodies to scrub the bottom of the algae and mildew infested pool bottom. I am so happy that he taught me a new use for my kids!

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