Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear GOD,

Please help me to keep from harming myself or the kids during their upcoming 17 DAY CHRISTMAS BREAK. Thanks so much for not causing it to snow causing a few snow days sprinkled here and there. No. Now they can have one HUGE break with me! All at one time. With me. Please help me to keep my cool when they're arguing over the last oreo and fighting over the same game deck. I promise that I will not put the children in the garbage for Monday and Friday pick up.

I know that children are a blessing and that sometimes blessings come with a 5 year old who has been sitting on the toilet for 2 hours because he had a "messy one" and decided to wait until it "just dried up" or mysteriously disappearing Dr Peppers that will inevitably get up and decide to drink themselves and leave their empty selves sitting on the counter instead of going into the trash can. And I know that given the chance the dog would probably have painted a bullseye on her butt anyhow.

I also know that I will probably never get the last of anything to eat in the house because I'm sure the boys will have 2 and 3 am gorge-fests. But thats okay. Its important for them to be strong.


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